this is the styling station from… ambitions? with all the extra crap deleted. now it is more versatile. you need ambitions for it to work obviously. i made something like this a long time ago and as far as i can remember i only shared it with one person, but in case that’s not true and you have it, grab this one. it’s better (fixed shadows etc).


i’m at a point where i’m either ready to: drop my TOU because WHATS THE POINT when you assholes never listen, or start fucking REPORTING YOUR UPLOADS. if you have anything by littlecat uploaded you better get ready :3 THIS INCLUDES THE SHITTY EAR SLIDER I WORKED SO HARD ON.

and, you know, i honestly wouldn’t even be so upset about it if you weren’t all a bunch of hypocrites with TOUs that demand YOUR precious creations not be reuploaded. seriously? fuck off.

just fyi, children :3

blind eye accessory. 
credit: fillyfoal for the eye texture, esmeralda for the mesh
prosthetic leg for female sims. 
so, this only works one way. you wear the shoes and shorts pictured above. that’s it. i’ll probably make more outfit/shoe combinations but this is it for now. feel free to use this to make your own (although i must warn you the mesh is kind of a mess). 
credit to bloomsbase for the prosthesis mesh, pixicat for the sneakers, and shockshame for the shorts.
side puffs hair. credit to newsea and modish kitten for the meshes and texture. i just mushed it all together.


just a note, if you need to message me for any reason, please do so at my gaming blog: theratway. if you message me here, i can’t promise i will get back to you in a timely manner. thanks!

i went back and reconverted this sweater. it has a whole new texture and the mesh is better in some parts (especially the neck). it’s not great, but it’s as good as it’s going to get. YA/A, for everyday, athletic, outerwear, and maternity. 
credits:trapping for the mesh
sculpted updo for toddlers. shockshame's texture, my control.