This is amazing!  THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for your contributions, your likes and reblogs!  Thank you donators!  A million thanks!
The gofundme is at 20% of the total needed for Hayley to get a new wheelchair that will changer her life!  Let’s keep this going!
follow the campaign at NewWheelchair

absolutely amazing!
store picture edited. sorry for the crappy preview, i messed up my action and photoshop crashes every time i try to fix it. o well.
hearing aids for your deaf/hoh sims. p - e, male and female. i don’t know why, but you can’t wear both sides at once, the left hearing aid will pop away from the ear :/ sorry.
glass bong with water in it. yup. same as the other one, feel free to convert it to whatever for poses, just give credit. :)
it’s a weed plant and a bong. um. yeah. i’m sure it will come up so i’ll just say it now - feel free to convert the bong into an accessory for poses.
plant mesh is by nobiax at deviantart
this is the styling station from… ambitions? with all the extra crap deleted. now it is more versatile. you need ambitions for it to work obviously. i made something like this a long time ago and as far as i can remember i only shared it with one person, but in case that’s not true and you have it, grab this one. it’s better (fixed shadows etc).